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For companies of all sizes, our paper and synthetic products are the perfect marketing solution that allow you to print in-house or at your local print shop, and will save you the hassle of bulk ordering and wasting product you don/t use or need. With our products, you can easily design online allowing you to easily change or modify at any time so you are not stuck with boxes of the same product. We understand businesses always change! We have a wide array of products you need to maxamie your marketing efforts and get you the results you need! 

Products perfect for your marketing and business needs

Door Hangers

Because there’s an opportunity on every door.

Keep your business in sight with our durable and high-quality door hangers. These little marketing machines are a perfect and quick solution to spread the word to local customers and can be used in countless ways to represent your business target specific neighborhoods or towns.

Our Door Hanger Features Include:

  • Perforated holes for easy removal
  • Compatible on any digital printing equipment allowing you to print in-house or at a print shop
  • Waterproof (synthetic) and durable paper options
  • A wide variety of color options
  • Many have gutters that allow for full bleeds
  • Choose standard door hanger or add a perforated coupon or business card  

Marketing Tips

Here are a few marketing tips to help you get the best outcome with your door hanger strategy:

  • Create a design that’s vibrant & has a clear message. With a good design and clear message, your sure to capture their attention.
  • Make sure that your door hanger stands out with a bright and lively design, a beautiful and durable finish, and of course a simple marketing message with a clear call to action.
  • Door hangers are a proven low cost and high return marketing and promotional vehicle to target a local customer base. Whether you’re opening a brand new business or just want to drive more traffic to your existing business, there are many useful ways you can leverage a door hanger for great ROI.
  • Research your area and demographics. Make sure that the area you plan to target is in fact the ideal market for your business and strategy.
  •  Track the ROI. If possible, try placing unique codes and website URLs to your door hangers distributed in different neighborhoods. When people take advantage of your special offer, you’ll know immediately where they came from.
  • Choose the right durability for your weather conditions. Mother Nature can be hard to predict, so why take the chance. If you door hanger will be used outside, we always recommend using a waterproof (synthetic) material that will stand up to rain, show and extreme heat. If you are using your door hanger for an inside use, a paper option may work for you. 

Here are just a few different businesses ideal for door hangers:

  • Restaurants and coffee shops
  • Dentist offices
  • Real estate agencies
  • HVAC  and plumbing services
  • Car repair shops
  • Lawn care companies
  • Gyms

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Business Cards

The entrepreneurs best friend!

A business card is your golden opportunity to market yourself and your business.  And - because it’s almost certain the person receiving your business card has a pile of other business cards they have receive - it’s vital to make sure yours stands out amongst the rest.

Marketing Tips

  • Don’t just say who you are, say what you do or offer. Don’t miss an opportunity to show how you’re unique and different than your competitors and what makes you, well, you! Add a short value proposition tagline to your card that’s clear and shows a distinct value to your recipient.
  • Design is key. Make sure that the basics are covered- no errors and up-to-date information. To make your card pop, try a unique shape (but make sure it’s wallet friendly), use a heavier cardstock or glossy finish to add extra richness. Make sure you use a fresh and modern design that doesn’t overpower your text, but rather compliments and shows your branding.
  • ROI from a business card? Try an incentive or call to action. Add value to your business card by adding an incentive such as ‘show this card for $50.00 off your first service’ or some type of appealing offer that entices your recipient to take action.
  • Add credibility. Word out mouth and testimonials are increasingly playing a large factor in decision making. Try placing a short, but powerful, client testimonial that gives a sincere depiction of why someone should work with you or choose your business.

Easily create a beautiful and professional business card design with our Design Studio

We know, time is money! Don’t overpay for an outsourced design. Have full control over the look and feel of your business cards by using our Design Studio. Easily customize and print any of our professionally designed business card templates and add your logo, branding text and colors, and any text you need to make your card exactly what you need.

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Presentation Folders

Keep organized in a professional & polished way.

Customize our presentation folders for a polished and professional look. Our presentation folders are a great way to showcase your branding in client meetings, at events and for passing along important documents. Our folders easily run through any digital printer so you can print the right amount at the right time.  

Printable Folder Pockets

Every square inch of marketing space is valuable, so make the most of your folder!  

Add an extra element of design and customization to your presentation folder with our printable pockets. Our patented pre-folded pockets allow you to quickly and easily attach to the inside of your folder with adhesive peel back strips.

Marketing Tips:

  • Treat your folders as the marketing piece- not just a holder for your marketing materials. While keeping your branding and logo at the forefront, try adding in extra details like a mission statement, or any interesting information about your business. Don’t miss a golden opportunity to showcase your unique offerings. But, be careful- a good balance of design and white space is always important!
  • Never miss a chance to hand your folders out! Don’t just use them at big events- hand these marketing opportunities out to potential and existing clients with informational pieces or any relevant printed materials you have.
  • The pockets are valuable! With designable folder pockets, you can now add more information about your business or calls to action. Add an extra bang to the folder pockets by choosing an option for business card slits to ensure it stays intact and doesn’t get lost!
  • Make sure your contact, website and social media info is very visible. As a marketing tool, your presentation folder presents an opportunity for you to take a call to action and get your recipient to check you out for more information on the place they spend a lot of time-- the internet.


Tell your whole story with our high-quality brochures.

Features with your needs in mind: 

  • Choose from tri-fold and bi-fold options
  • Our pre-scored folds give your brochure a crisp and professional look
  • Design both sides and easily print on any digital printer. Use our Design Studio for professional layouts ready to customize to your needs
  • Choose from a variety of color, finish and paper types
  • Design templates available for all sizes and stocks

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Integrated Card Flyers

Possibly one of the most underrated marketing solutions, the integrated card flyer is a highly effective mailer that serves multiple functionalities.   

Our integrated cards are an essential product for memberships, passes, promotions and real estate agents but and are a great marketing option for truly any business. Not a membership-based company? An integrated card flyer is a perfect two-for-one marketing mailer and built in business card!  

Use one printing pass to create flyers with durable cards that are seamless to peel, lift, or punch out and you can choose from laminated, un-laminated and premium synthetic options. Like almost all of our products, you can easily run your integrated flyer on any digital printer for a professional finish.  

Marketing Tips: 

  • Harness the power of variable data to track, test and validate your flyers by using barcodes or numbering on your cards so you can measure your ROI.
  • Not a subscription or membership business? Use integrated cards for so many other purposes including promotional cards, business cards or for rewards cards. People still love tangible items and many businesses are moving away from tangible to digital. Stand out from the rest and get a tangible product in your customer’s hands!
  • Keep your contact info sticking around! Use our premaganatized integrated cards to pair a flyer with a magnet card. These magnets are awesome for business cards and contact information. Real estate agents, restaurants, plumbers and HVAC professionals are just a few groups who find great value in promotional magnets.
  • Keep quality and usage in mind. When deciding between paper and plastic (synthetic), consider the length of time the consumer will keep the card and also the amount of times being used. Nothing is worse than a thinly laminated card that is used somewhat frequently. If your card will be sticking around for quite some time, go with a synthetic option that is durable, water resistant and will stand up to wear and tear. For promotional cards and short-use cases, a paper option may do the job.

Professional designs for your products at your fingertips

Our amazingly easy-to-use Design Studio offers you the ability to design and customize your paper or synthetic product for a professional and high-quality result. Your designed product can be downloaded or printed on any digital printer. Save your design and print as often as you need to!

This tool has all the features you need for amazing design:

Design Studio, Blanks USA professional designs and templates          

          Brand for Your Business

          Add your branded colors and logo to ensure consistent design.

          Thousands of Images

          Use one of our 1,000’s of stock images or upload your own.

          Filter and Editing Tools Galore

          This tool offers all of the professional editing tools you need for filters, overlay and photo editing capabilities.

          Thousands of Beautiful Templates

          Leverage any of our 10,000+ beautiful templates that are ready-to-go and completely customizable.  


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